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K-POP song of the Day: “Girls Girls Girls” by Got7

This song definitely showcases the “JYP” vibe, especially the voices of this newest JYP boy band. Got7 has got the noonas going crazy because of how young this group is. The eldest member at 20 (Mark Tuan). Get ready to dance along with their quirky cute swagger :> Members are Thai, Chinese, and Korean~


I have been neglecting this blog for quite sometime. College/part time job/hw is a hard balance and trying to run a blog on top of that?! asdfghjkl.

But anyways, I will try my best to get some new post on here! Please look forward to it :D

-admin fantastic-bb

Song of the Day: “Doom Dada” by TOP

The Official Pimp is back with his new single “Doom Dada”. I am extremely impressed with all the solo activities Big Bang has been making this year. It was about time that TOP made a solo comeback and this song is the one. Impressive rapid rapping, catchy bass n beat, and of course TOP himself looking fine as ever. 

11 months ago - (7871)
Doom Dada by T.o.p
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T.O.P - Doom Dada

Song of the Day: “Voodoo” by VIXX[teaser-R]

can I get an OH MY GOD. OH MY GOD. Vixx is back with another “dark” concept and it looks ridiculously good. They also have another teaser for this MV but wow. wow. wow. I seriously can’t wait for the full MV.